Chance For Life raises the awareness and gather particular funds to help to perform the highly technological medical operations for children. In these cases many Russians living in London become the part of the huge family that helps particular children to survive , whose life and happiness are divided from death and parents’ despair only by length of medical operation. Our friends and supporters find place and home in their hearts for the hopes of less fortunate families of their compatriots.

  • Running the cultural events within Russian community in UK with fundraising purposes towards helping the particular children who are in need of the urgent medical operations
  • Assisting with adaptation in the UK within the framework of temporary relocation due to medical or educational reasons.


Chance For Life is a charity organization devoted to caring for disadvantaged children from Russian orphanages who are deprived of home care and love. We are to act as an umbrella to unite like-minded people and organizations willing to pursue the charitable courses including financial, emotional and social support. There are numerous orphanages in Russia that need assistance in fulfilling their social task – to raise happy and responsible children who have an equal right for brighter future.

  • Assisting charitable organizations in Russia dealing with orphanages by raising funds in the UK.
  • Promoting  social, cultural and emotional connections between children in the UK and Russia through international exchange.
  • Encouraging charitable activities in the UK by raising awareness of people towards under-privileged children and young adults in Russia.


Currently we are looking for ways to support kids and young people in education. If you have any suggestions or know someone who requires a support please contact Natalia

  • Offering a variety of help and assistance across a wide spectrum of area affecting education
  • Supporting children in Russia in getting an education they deserve and require for a better life regardless of their family background

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