Charity Begins At Home
Chance for Life is a charity organization devoted to caring for disadvantaged children from Russian orphanages who are deprived of home care and love. We are to act as an umbrella to unite like-minded people and organizations willing to pursue the charitable courses including financial, emotional and social support. There are numerous orphanages in Russia that need assistance in fulfilling their social task – to raise happy and responsible children who have an equal right for brighter future.

Our  Aspirations:
– To encourage charitable activities in the UK by raising awareness of people towards under-privileged children and young adults in Russia.
– To link charitable projects in Russia with the similar ones in the UK.
– To assist charitable organizations in Russia dealing with orphanages by raising funds in the UK.
– To promote  social, cultural and emotional connections between children in the UK and Russia through international exchange.
– To assist with adaptation in the UK within the framework of temporary relocation due to medical or educational reasons.