About us

In March of 2010 Elena Ragozhina, Olga Makharinskiy and Karina Baldry established a new Charity called Chance for Life. The idea behind Chance for Life is to create a bridge and provide additional assistance to several charitable organizations supporting orphanages in Russia.
Time goes by and sometimes makes sad corrections to our lives.

This year, in March 2014, we have lost our dearest friend and co-director Elena Rogozhina to cancer.
We are deeply grieved by the loss but we continue the work we have started altogether years ago and we know that it was what Elena would have wished for.

When you do charity work you have to be on the same page with the person you are working with, share the same values and principles. Olga and Karina are definitely in the same boat!

Olga is the mother of four children herself and she knows a thing or two about bringing up offsprings. She is passionate about giving children what they need – love, patience and knowledge.
Olga is an ardent classical music lover and her love for it is infectious.
Karina has a slightly different passion – creativity in the kitchen is her driving force and more upbeat contemporary music is her kind of thing. Being a mother of only two sons she however has moved to forefront and became a grandma over a year ago.
Olga and Karina compliment each other in many ways and more importantly have the same goal – by whatever means we can, we would like to make life at least for some disadvantaged children in Russian better.

Join us on our journey!


Directors Chance for Life LTD:

Olga Makharinsky

Tel.: +44 7902 553 021

Karine Baldry

Tel.: +44 7974 256 755