Future Plans

Future Plans

We are going to continue our relationship with Maria’s Children and are planning more fundraising events for the nearest future.

Our plans also include:

1. Sporting Challenges. Please contact Olga or Karina if you are interested in participating in these sort of events in aid of Chance for Life
2. High Tea Soiree featuring poetry reading by Dina Korzun and music by Olga Thomas-Bosovskaya.

It is carried out in aid of Fatima Dzgoyeva, a girl who has been one of 1200hostages in the terrorists’ attack in Beslan (September 2004).  She suffered a serious head injury, the implication of which still affects her life greatly.

3. A Unique Fashion Show in aid of Maria’s Children programs
4. Olga’s trip to Shanghai with exhibition of artwork of Russian children from London, Moscow and Beslan.

Please contact Olga should you wish to participate in the trip or donate your artwork for the exhibition.