We are happy to introduce our new partner, charitable organisation Together Forever, which was founded in October 2016.
The main and only mission of this fund is saving lives of children with serious illnesses by giving an access to quality health care regardless of the economic level of a child’s family and region of residence. Together Forever Charitable Foundation is a private initiative of Anna and Sergei, the parents of four children who personally faced with the need of neurosurgical care for one of their child. The initiative is not related to politics and does not aim at drawing attention. Their personal goal is helping sick children with their own resources and with the participation of friends and close associates.


We collaborate with our friends, charitable organisation Maria’s children founded in 1996 in Moscow.
For the last couple of years we carried out several projects together and children from Moscow orphanages were the main focus. We were happy to carry out two fundraising Balls to support their programs for children from Moscow and Beslan. There are plans for further collaboration with Maria, her enthusiastic team involving children in Moscow, as well as in London.

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We are happy to obtain new partners and friends – the team, led by Faina Zakharova, of the Charitable organisation LIFE LINE FUND.
It is impossible to overestimate the achievements of this foundation for thousands of children needed an urgent help. We are planning to hold further events in London to raise funds for the particular medical operations for the particular children in Russia.




It is a pleasure to support the work of “ChemoFunClub” in Harley Street Clinic in London.
The purpose of the Club is to educate, socialize and entertain oncology children who are undergoing long-term treatment. The Psychosocial team at paediatric ward of Harley Street Clinic have recognised the need to holistically support the children with long term treatment in particular the children undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Therefore we suggest to establish a framework to facilitate activities and events for long-term patients which would provide psychological, educational and social support. This is done within a hospital environment through play and education in a form of  group activities.




We are happy to introduce our new partner, charitable organisation New Names. It is dedicated to searching, selecting and supporting young musicians, artists and poets from different countries, cultures and schools.


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